We have no mirrors in our workout room at L.E.A.N.  We decided, based on some research we read (of course) that mirrors may be detrimental to some of our clients’ self-image.  We’ve been asked quite a few times if we could add mirrors to our facility.  There is some new research, however, saying that mirrors may not be detrimental to exercisers’ self-image.
What does this mean to you?

If possible, ditch the mirrors while exercising.  The benefits don’t outweigh the possible drawbacks.  In fact, I’m not sure there really are benefits.

Many of our clients argue that mirrors help them make sure they are performing the exercises correctly.  Since we’re in a personal training environment, where every exerciser has a coach, this shouldn’t be necessary.  In addition, relying on visual feedback does not carry over into real-world situations.  If you’re used to checking your form in the mirror while dead-lifting, what do you do when you have to pick-up something heavy from the trunk of your car without a mirror.  If you learn what it FEELS like to lift properly, you’ll always have good form.

Outside of making our workout space look bigger, what are the advantages to mirrors?  If you have any suggestions, or want to share how you feel about mirrors in your workout space, leave a comment for us.

Mirror, mirror….
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