This is a good book. It is a great combination of quality nutrition information that is Paleo based, coupled with a “how to cook” section, and ends with many recipes (actually about half the book), based on some good nutrition principles, that most anyone can follow. So, overall I would rate this as a solid 4 out of 5 stars, with the potential of an additional star. Why did I not give it a 5 star rating right out of the gates? This is because of a few things regarding some of the nutrition information in the early chapters of the book. Before I explain my few reservations, I want to point out that the book was originally written in 2004.  During the seven years since the publication it is certainly possible for an author to have changed their mind on a topic or two, which there is nothing wrong with. In fact, this is what has happened here. Through some personal communication with Don, it is clear that a new edition would bring with it a change in some of the nutrition content and recommendations. These changes would relate to meal frequency, eating breakfast, nutritional fiber, ketosis, pesticide residues and carbohydrates. To get the current position on most of these topics I would strongly recommend you spend some time on Don’s blog, Anyway, when it comes to these topics I would disagree to varying degrees with what was said in the book (For those of you who would like some specifics on these topics feel free to e-mail and I will be glad to give you some details). Therefore, due to these aspects I did not give it 5 stars.

Again, this book is a good one to have in the bookcase, or better yet, keep it in the kitchen so you can easily refer to it. The book is a great combination of some solid nutritional principles and recommendations (minus the few alluded to earlier) and how to apply that information, i.e., buying, storing and preparing foods and relatively simple recipes to make. This information can have a positive effect on your overall well-being and is likely to have weight management benefits. To get your copy go to

Book Review: The Garden of Eating – 4 star and maybe more
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