In Part 1 I discussed the nutrition facts of Lean Cuisine’s Pasta Primavera.  Now, let’s take a look at the ingredients list for  a closer look at the quality of this meal. Then we’ll find out whether or not a pre-packaged meal like this fits into SPEED.

Here’s the link to the nutrition facts:

Lean Cuisine’s Chicken Primavera

It’s no surprise pasta is the first ingredient. Our look at the macronutrients could have told us that. If you don’t know, the ingredients are listed in order of quantity. So, if 50% of the calories come from carbohydrates there are going to be carbohydrate sources near the top of your ingredients list.

The second ingredient is herb glazed chicken white meat. My first thought is “hey, all right, a good quality protein source is the 2nd ingredient. I can deal with that.” Then I made the mistake of reading further. The following is a list of ingredients I try not to put in my body that are included in “herb glazed chicken white meat”:

maltodextrin, sugar, soybean oil, isolated soy protein, modified corn starch, caramel coloring and more maltodextrin.

To be fair, the list later includes broccoli, carrots, and peas… and more modified corn starch. But, you could make this meal at home with all the good ingredients and none of the bad. Chicken, veggies, a little pasta, some cheese, and a load of herbs and spices. It would most likely taste better and cost less and definitely be a better quality meal.

Can it fit into SPEED?

All the ingredients aside, can Lean Cuisine Chicken Primavera fit into a SPEED meal plan? Yes, as long as you’re not attempting a ketogenic diet. If you suck down the entire container, you’ll consume about 60 grams of carbohydrate. We recommend a carb limit of 100 for weight loss purposes, so if you just allow yourself 40 grams during the rest of your day, you can make Lean Cuisine Chicken Primavera fit.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

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