So, we’ve gotten some comments about our HCG report that attack us for taking the wind out of people’s sails. This is not our intention! We are supportive of people who can stick to a difficult diet plan like the one commonly associated with the HCG protocol. We hope anyone who has tried, or is in the process of following the HCG plan loses unwanted fat and keeps it off.

Our intention while writing the report was to show that the HCG shots have not been scientifically proven to do anything! So, the people who follow the HCG plan and get results do it all by themselves, with no help from any HCG shot. Good for them!

We would like to warn anyone who is thinking of trying the HCG plan that the shots will be NO HELP and that they’ll be wasting their money on a placebo. This is our reason for writing the HCG report. We don’t like to see people get duped into a technique or supplement that has no proof behind it what-so-ever. We like proof and when we find it, we’ll pass it on to you.



Feedback on our report, HCG & Weight Loss: Enough Already!
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