16 oz chickenWeight Loss Meal - chicken, avocado, spinach, butter, hot sauce, pico de gayo

1 medium avocado

1/2 tbls. butter


pico de gayo

Chalula hot sauce

This meal ended up being about 1,300 calories with the quantities I ate.  Keep in mind, this was a ton of food – I was stuffed. A person looking to lose weight could eat one quarter of this amount and be satisfied.

I had only eaten about 500 calories up until this point yesterday (6 eggs in .5 tbls butter, and 1 protein shake). So if you total everything up, I’m still only at 1800 calories for the day.

I purposefully mentioned Chalula brand hot sauce because of a running joke between Jeff and I. I normally don’t like spicy foods – things like hot wings. I’ve often been heard saying angrily “hot is not a flavor.” I can’t stand hot for the sake of hot. Well, Chalula hot sauce is one of the few sauces I’ve found that is spicy but has great flavor. I love it!

What I Ate for Dinner Last Night – a low-carb weight loss meal
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