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You might notice this post is written by a new author here at, Jaylene. She was a personal training client of mine in the past and is now participating in our SPEED Weight Management Coaching. She has agreed to blog her experience here for everyone to see and we ask for your feedback and support for her.


I have put on at least 40 pounds over the last 2 years.  I call it “feeding my hungry heart”.  During a 2 year span, I lost over 3.5 million in real estate and found my $200,000 savings nest egg flushed down the toilet  to save my credit which was all for not…

I sought comfort in food, decided it was too stressful to worry about what I ate and then did the triple whammy of not working out.

Of course, now I feel like crap, don’t sleep well, have no stamina and have to look at my closet every morning to decide what will make me look LESS fat.   Talk about starting the day out on a positive note.

I am working with a business coach and the other day she asked me what was holding me back from getting to the next level.

The answer that popped into my head surprised me.  It is the weight that is holding me back.

As we talked, I heard myself say — “you are too busy” “this is too stressful to make these changes now” “don’t even think about adding something to your plate!!” – excuses, excuses, excuses!!

Here was the clincher… She said “if you haven’t signed up for the gym, talked to your accountability coach (Matt) and decided ONE thing you will change about your eating, you will write me a check for $500 tomorrow morning.

I felt myself have a serious mental shift.  How serious was I about getting control back in my life and getting healthy?  Could $500 be a tipping point?

All those excuses for why I needed to wait “one more day”  or “I don’t have the time” suddenly disappeared.   I could instantly see the priorities shift.

Matt and I have come up with a program AND step one is to reach out…. tell my story and report in once a week.

So I am reaching out.   This is step one.

GOALS: lose 40 lbs, get at least 8 hours of “good” sleep, eat 6 small healthy meals and keep my word to myself.  i am going to report in on Sunday.

I would love to hear about your success stories, and/or difficulties, too.

Jaylene’s Starting Statistics

Weight: 234.2

Body Fat %: 45.4 (Hand held Omron

Waist: 47 in.

Hip: 54 in.

Thigh: 24.5 in.

Arm: 14 in.

Jaylene Garrett's Weight Loss Journey Before Picture 1

Jaylene Garrett's Weight Loss Journey Before Picture 2

Jaylene's Weight Loss Journey – #1
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