Okay I need some help figuring out how to work on my physical goals when everything and everybody has a claim on my time.

Today I did get up and go for a walk for 30 minutes, but it took everything I had to do that. The tipping point was I when I finally decided that one moment of discipline at the first of my day would set a pattern for the whole day. I got up and immediately put on workout clothes, took a big drink of water and hit the door.

Did I love my walk? No, the first 10 minutes was absolutely boring and I kept wanting to turn around, but when i was done, I felt like I had done something positive for ME.
Now tomorrow is going to be absolutely crazy with appointments. I think tomorrow I will work on getting more veggies in my day. I DO have to eat so it isn’t adding another time vampire to my day.

I have miles to go but i took the first step today.


First, great job!

Let’s try setting a list of priorities and keeping it handy (in a purse, on your desk, in your car, etc.) When others ask for your time, refer to this list and keep your priorities in line as you’ve listed them. For example, 1. family 2. health 3. work – or whatever order you  choose.

Also, you could try setting your exercise times as appointments far in advance and scheduling around them. Leaving them for the last of your appointments will allow limited availability for them, making it easy to skip them all together.

Goals for this week:

Eat 3 servings of veggies/day

Have 1 protein shake/day, preferably for dinner (this is a time when Jaylene over-eats, so for now we take away that option with a pre-set amount of food)

Exercise for 30 minutes 3 times this week.

Make a list of priorities and place them in strategic areas.

Jaylene's Weight Loss Journey – #2
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