Last Thursday I got an email from my girlfriend telling me she was enrolled in a beginner trapeze class on Saturday morning and that I should join. I’m hesitant to try new things, even though most often I have a blast every time I actually join up and go through with it. So, after some brief hesitation, I called myself a pussy for even trying to think of an excuse and registered before I could think too much more about it.

So, there I was Saturday morning in a beginner trapeze class with my girlfriend and one friend of ours (whose idea it was in the first place). The website told us there would be some classroom instruction and safety info but that everyone would get at least some flying time. They lied, sort of. There was a bout 5 minutes (if that) of strapping on our safety harnesses (here ended the safety course) and some instruction on how to leap off the platform and grab the bar to get things going. Next, they asked “Okay, so who’s first?”

It’s a two-hour class, we spent about 5 minutes getting ready and there were 5 of us total. We were going to get some flying time, for sure. And we did. It was soooo much fun – I’ll let the videos and pictures speak to that.

I don’t think the one-handed catch is the pretty way to do it, but I got it done:

This is a Hawks Off, don’t ask me anything about it because I had already taken my harness off thinking I was done for the day and they gave me one more run. This is what they showed me:

My favorite still-frame from the catch video:

This whole experience was so much fun and I recommend it to anyone locally who has access to this group. The instructors at Trapeze U were great – friendly, supportive, and furry (they had a dog hanging out). What a great time and a wonderful way to get some exercise!

Beginner Trapeze at Trapeze U
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