In the past few days I’ve seen two great posts on food cost, one by Richard at and one by Don at Not being one to kill a good trend, I thought I’d pass along another example. This morning, at a local supermarket, I bought:

Beef Roast: 2.13 lbs @ $3.49/lbs = $7.43

Avocados: $1.99 for 4

Yams: 1.51 lbs @ $1.00/lbs = $1.51

Diced Tomatoes: 1 can = $.67

I put the roast, tomatoes and yams in the crockpot and will split into 4 servings with one avocado at each.

Total calories per serving: 976

Protein: 54.5g

Carbohydrate: 62.2g (fiber: 18.6g – net carb: 43.6g)

Fat: 58.0g

52% fat, 23% protein, 25% carbohydrate

So, total cost is $11.60. Cost per serving is $2.90. Keep in mind these are near 1,000 calorie servings. Add 6 eggs at $2 for breakfast and you’re eating for $4.90 for the day. If you’re telling yourself you haven’t been eating well because it’s expensive, stop it.

A low-carb low-cost meal
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