While taking my dog for a run yesterday, I was pondering how the invention of the automobile changed transportation. Yup, this is the shit I think about when left to myself. Anyway, I was thinking specifically about how a trans-U.S. trip would take months (4-6, at least) by horse-drawn carriage (and a hell of a lot of work) and that was the best we could do for a few centuries. Then along comes the car (it’s most modern form) and within a few decades we’re able to do the same trip in 4-5 days pretty much just sitting on our ass. Amazing!

Then I started thinking about how this might apply to fat loss. Do we have an automobile on the horizon? Browse the virtual bookshelves and you’ll see many authors expect you to believe they’ve already invented it. Look for keywords like secrets, breakthrough, revolution(ary), discovery, etc. I’ll get to these in a minute. If there is a fat loss equivalent to the automobile coming in the future, I think it’s either hormone doping or gene doping. The possibility of these two combined is especially cool to think about, although I’ll admit I’m not an expert in either case.

We’re well on our way to understanding how hormones can be used to increase fat loss and muscle retention. All one must do is look to professional bodybuilding to see that. Of course, where our understanding needs much clarification is in the realm of safety and side effect management when applied to the general population. The scientific community has been studying this for HRT purposes and a nod must be given to the rogue underground chemists who are sometimes ahead of the research.

Regardless of whether or not hormone or gene manipulation become the next fat loss equivalent to the automobile, I firmly believe this sort of breakthrough is NOT going to come in the form of a dietary or exercise protocol. The different types of diet plans and exercise regimens out there are just different types of horse-drawn carriages. Each one has its little differences that might make it the best fit for you, but it sure as hell isn’t an automobile. It’s still going to take a lot of work and probably a good chunk of time to get where you’re going.

So, go out and pick the most attractive buggy you can find with all the perks you want. Just don’t let the salesman tell you it’s a Ferrari.

The Next Big Fat Loss Breakthrough!