Today, we disabled comments on all past blog posts, all future posts, and all pages. We also deleted every comment ever made starting back when this blog was hosted at These are the reasons for this, in no particular order of importance:

– Jeff and I both have full-time jobs and don’t wish to dedicate the time to moderate comments or clean up spam. Our time is limited and we feel these activities would not be a productive use of it.

– The vast majority of the comments we’ve received recently were unproductive to our stated goals. This holds true to both comments which agreed and disagreed with our views. While we had high hopes for attracting a civil, intelligent audience and engaging in productive discussion, these hopes would not come to fruition.

– We hope this site can become a resource for professionals and their clients, and we will be editing the content (somewhat) for language, tone, etc. Comments make this a more difficult environment to maintain.

We may re-open comments again in the future if the need arises, but until then, please contact us via the email addresses found on our Project page.

Why We’ve Disabled Comments on Our Blog