While writing our first book, SPEED, and during the process of updating and expanding it into its new and improved form, Overcome Obesity, we have found it to be an interesting and challenging experience. We have experienced many thoughts and emotions during the process which will continue during the development of the Overcome Obesity book. Even though we have spent many hours on this project already, and will spend many more hours henceforth, our efforts are supported by what many others have done. This process cannot be done alone and is really a collaborative effort, whether explicitly or implicitly. There are many people we would like to thank. First, we want to thank our family and friends for their encouragement. Second, we thank the many people whom we have worked with over the years and have been the recipients of our theories and hopefully have benefited from them. Finally, we are also indebted to all the researchers who have labored tirelessly in the lab as well as the many hours writing and submitting papers for publication. Without their dedication we could not have formulated our views with such solid evidence. We hope we have represented their work in a respectful and authentic manner.

We would also like to thank, in advance, the many people who will give feedback during the process of developing the completed (well, actually, never really done) book. We plan on listing below the names of people whose feedback makes it into the revisions of Overcome Obesity.