Anthony Colpo is one of those people that gives me hope for the continued existence of the human race. Seriously, this guy has repeatedly demonstrated that he can think critically and logically, a habit that is often missing or deficient in many people. This dismal state of poor thinking is not obligatory but is often the default setting. However, the ability to be aware of our thinking and the ability to improve it, often significantly, is well within our means* (This is not necessarily easy, at least not for me, but over the years it has improved considerably. But I have to continue to work on it.) The improvements in thinking would likely have a significantly positive impact on all manners of life. Anyway, there are a bunch of videos, 71 of them, by someone called Primitive Nutrition which seem to be spewing a bunch of nonsense. Apparently the person says some silly, actually stupid, things about Mr. Colpo. Mr. Colpo does not like to be disparaged, nor should he, and in a classic Colpo retort he highlights the absurdness of this person’s statements.

Go read his comments if you would like to learn something and get a few laughs.

*There are a few books about this topic that I feel are well written. Due to the increasing use of science and technology in today’s world, I feel that being aware of and hopefully understanding and utilizing the information contained within the books, would be beneficial to us on an individual level as well as on a societal level.



Anthony Colpo Kicks Some Ass!
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