I stumbled upon an article on WebMD this morning that discusses whether or not the acai berry is the weight loss miracle some promoters are claiming it to be. I was happy to find a well-written, to-the-point summary of why it’s irrational to think that acai berry or any other super-food is the key to weight loss.

A few weeks ago, Brad Pilon from Eat Stop Eat pointed out in his newsletter that a well-promoted (read:they’ve got ads everywhere!) acai berry weight loss product had “borrowed” before and after pictures from Brad’s website. To make things worse, they were pictures of Brad himself.

We recommend very few supplements in S.P.E.E.D. In fact, we don’t really recommend them, we just tell you which supplements have some good scientific evidence backing them up. If you want to use them, great. If not, okay too.

There’s something in the word supplements that should clue us in to how they should be used. They are a supplement to an already effective weight loss plan or program. It’s our constant thirst for the magic bullet that allows these types of sham products to exist and we need to change our attitude toward weight loss. Losing weight takes hard work, dedication, and a good plan. Now get to it.

Kudos to WebMD on the Acai Berry
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