Jeff and I spend a lot of time telling you what doesn’t work. We review a lot of exercise products, dietary supplements, weight loss plans, websites and anything else weight loss oriented. Frankly, we don’t like a lot of what we review. We get feedback sometimes that says we’re too negative, that we make fun of too many things.

Believe it or not, Jeff and I are very open-minded. We’re open to any product as long as there is proof – real proof – that the product really is effective. The reason we tell you about all the products we don’t like is so you don’t waste your money, time and effort on things that won’t take you toward your goals. You see, Jeff and I assume that if you’re following our blog, that’s what you’re after, achieving goals and getting results. Some products out there will never get you to your results no matter how diligently you use them, but they will make you feel like you’re doing something as long as you BELIEVE it’s working. We’re not interested in that.

Weight loss is pretty simple. It’s hard to do, but simple. There really aren’t any pills, potions, gadgets or lotions that make it any easier. You’re going to have to suck it up and work hard toward your weight loss goals. The techniques we discuss in SPEED all have a ton of proof behind them – real proof – so we know that each item we discuss is going to help you get to your goals. Here on the blog, however, we like to have a little fun and point out the ridiculousness that occurs when dishonest people are out to make a buck and a large group of gullible people are looking for an easy way out.

So, forgive us if we seem a bit negative. We promise that we always have your best interests in mind.

Why are the guys from so negative?