Updated: August 26, 2017

Introduction – The Big Picture

Chapter 1: What is a Healthy Weight?

Chapter 2: Weight Loss 101-Clarifying the Basics

Chapter 3: Your Mind-Set Matters

Chapter 4: Your Surroundings

Chapter 5: What to Eat?

Chapter 6: Move, Move, Move

Chapter 7: Get Some ZZZZZs

Chapter 8: The Problem of Stigma

Chapter 9: Supplements

Chapter 10: Medications

Chapter 11: Your Gut and Your Weight

Chapter 12: Weight Loss Surgeries

Chapter 13: The Long Haul: How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Chapter 14: Testimonials and Anecdotes

Chapter 15: How Many Calories Do You Burn?

Chapter 16: Quick & Easy Meal Examples


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