It has been nearly a year since Matt and I completed SPEED. We recommended some weight loss supplements that we thought had enough evidence and real life applicability. To make sure that our recommendations are sound, Matt and I continually re-evaluate the evidence for our recommendations. One supplement that we did not recommend at the time was CLA. Based on some additional information I have come across since the publication of SPEED and a discussion with a professional acquaintance, I thought I would re-examine CLA for its ability to help with losing weight and keeping it off.

Here is the basic conclusion for those of you with a short attention span; from my extensive re-evaluation of the evidence CLA will help to reduce body fat, particularly in the midsection, and may help to preserve lean tissue, but its effects are so minor that the real world significance is very poor (it will cost about $42 to lose an additional 1.1 pounds a month). This means that the cost of the supplement, for most people, is not justified by the results it will produce. To learn more on how I came to that conclusion keep reading.

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CLA and Weight Management – Will it help?