This is where the discussion on the validity and usefulness of the hormone HCG for weight loss will take place (the YouTube post area limitations make it very hard to make clear and thorough points). Our position is there is no quality evidence that the use of HCG increases fat loss, or helps maintain muscle tissue, or has any other physical or psychological benefits besides a placebo affect. This position is based on the number of studies that have been done on HCG. Although a number of studies may not be perfect, the weight of the evidence that is currently available supports our position on HCG. Therefore, we do not feel it is a useful tool for weight loss. A more complete discussion is in our HCG Report.

Our challenge, to anyone, is the following: “Show us the quality evidence that HCG works and how it works and we will change our position on the use of HCG for weight loss” For any practitioner that recommends this hormone, you should have this type of information at the tip of your fingers.

HCG Challenge – Show us the quality evidence!
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