GOAL: Let’s make 2017 a year that you use evidence-based tools and methods, which means they are much more likely to be worth your time, money and effort, to reach and maintain a healthy weight

If you are considering follow a “clean eating” diet/plan I would strongly suggest you read the following 3 articles. I will not go into any detail as these articles do an excellent job of reviewing this idea. However, I will briefly state “clean eating” is not a magical solution for weight loss and will not automatically resolve a problem of not losing weight, or remedying a “weight loss plateau”. There is nothing wrong with improving one’s diet, if it is one that is mostly highly processed foods (this is one aspect of “clean” eating). However, as clearly explained in the articles, there are many problems with the “clean eating” concept with the two main issues is it is typically misleading as well as generally not helpful, particularly when it comes to weight management. Again, if you are thinking of following a “clean eating” diet/plan I would strongly suggest you read the following 3 articles.

by Alan Aragon

Why “Clean Eating” is a Myth
by Armi Legge

Food Quality, IIFYM and Strawmen: Do Food Choices Even Matter?
by Danny Lennon

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