I reached out to Jaylene through a phone call last week when I realized she was struggling. We had a great conversation and came to the following conclusions:

1. She does not have extra time to put toward this endeavor right now because of the situation her business is in (it’s a good thing, for business).

2. She likes the effect that exercise has on her day, but doesn’t have time for much of it.

3. She literally said, “I feel like I could drink a diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast and lunch, then just eat a bigger dinner.”

So, what we decided is that she would make room for 4 minutes of intense exercise as many days as possible and she would eat one large, pre-planned meal when she gets home in the evening.

Here’s her post:

Matt – thanks for your reaching out to me the other day to check in.

You are truly someone who cares about my journey to health.

I loved the idea of keeping it simple. One or two meals that are favorites that I can look forward to at the end of the day is a great idea. It actually de-stressed my food “to do” list.

You ask for a meal idea or two that I love. One is a steak meal and the other would be salads with lots of good stuff – like nuts, chicken, etc. I also LOVE good granola cereal with organic milk. Something about organic milk is yummy.


We’ll do the 4 minutes structured like the Tabata protocol, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest.

Example 1 – lunges 1st leg, lunges 2nd leg, push-ups, ball plank, lunges 1st leg, lunges 2nd leg, push-ups, ball plank.

Example 2 – squats, ball crunches, bird dog, get-ups, squats, ball crunches, bird dog, get-ups


You pretty much nailed it, Jaylene. But, here it is “oficially” LOL!

Example 1 – steak and any fibrous veggies w/ butter, if you like

Example 2 – salad w/ chicen/beef/fish and nuts and cheese, if you like

A caveat; these meals should be  made at home. A restaurant will add sugar to each one of these meals unless you are very specific about how you order them. Sugar is bad, mmmk’? (That’s a hacked-up South Park reference for those who are wondering why I just used ‘mmmk’ in a blog post)

For now, let’s see if we can get by without the granola and milk, mmmk? 🙂

The Outro

For those of you reading who are going to say this isn’t the perfect plan, and that she should be doing “type x” of exercise and she should be eating more omega-3 to optimize her blahbity blah and that the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas are terrible and you should only drink water from mountain springs… let me just say that while this might not be the ideal plan, this might just be the ideal plan for Jaylene right now. Maybe in two years when her real estate business is self-perpetuating and she has the time, she’ll trek to the summit of the San Francisco Peaks and do yoga for 2 hours/day. For now, this is what works. With that in mind, we welcome your comments.

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