I thought I would re-post a discussion that I engaged in over on the YouTube comments section after one of my video posts.  I want to do this because I think some of the topics we discussed are important for potential HCG users (or anyone else) to understand.  Also, I’d like to know if you think I handled the situation well.  I’m passionate about delivering well-supported advice and sometimes I might get upset, so I want to make sure I’m remaining fairly inoffensive.  So, tell me… am I a jerk?

The following discussion is taken from the YouTube comments section after my video post “Testimonial and Anecdotal Evidence and HCG.” My comments are blue and others’ red.

Tradeeagle: I’m sure you are well intentioned but you are ignoring that most people using HCG show the weight loss as a reduction of fat as measured by body fat %. This as compared to other quick weight loss diets or very low calorie diets without the benefit of HCG in which case you are right that the loss comes from the wrong places. You might want to read Dr Simeons’ “Pounds and Inches” before any other such postings with regard to HCG

Matt: I’ve read “Pounds and Inches”. It’s outdated. The terminology in it is no longer used. A much clearer understanding of body fat and its roles in the body has been accomplished since Simeons’ publication. Where is the proof for the HCG protocol’s effects on body fat percentage? There is none! Exercise has been shown to have a muscle-sparing effect on VLCDs, making HCG unnecessary even if it were effective. Please visit our blog for more information and read our special report.

Tradeeagle: Hey Matt we all  realize you have something to sell and I’m sure it’s effective. That’s fine But why put out misinformation on HCG which has been the answer for so many and about which you know nothing.

Matt: Tradeeagle,
I’m currently not selling anything. I am in the process of writing a book with a partner of mine. If you read our special report carefully, we’re happy for people who have seen results using the protocol, but there is no evidence to support that HCG does anything. There are no proposed mechanisms for HCG and its supposed effects that have any proof backing them up.
I know quite a bit about the human body and about HCG. I’m also dedicated to the use of PROVEN methods. Show me proof.

Tradeeagle: Please kindly direct us to the controlled trials to which you make reference. I assure from first hand knowledge that the weight loss on HCG is from fat not muscle and bone mass. Any weight loss is part water including your program’s. By the way I have been a weightlifter for 40 years, still am at 58. Again you may be right yours works fine good for sell a million books I doubt you have anything new to say but you’re wrong wrong wrong about HCG. Research for yourselves folks out there

Matt: Please download our free HCG report. All of the references are listed there. Feel free to contact me privately and I’ll email you the full text versions if you don’t have access to them.
I have not and will never disagree with SOME weight loss being water on any program! We’ve also stated, multiple times, that if controlled trials show a benefit to HCG we’ll talk about that just as much. There just hasn’t been any thus far.

Tradeeagle: I went through your website/blog. You really have nothing to add to what’s out there for decades desperate people will be swayed by you to pay for a book that is rehashing of rehashed ideas. What you are doing is straight from these idiot internet marketers. Next we will find your”book” is a clickbank product. I do not have a monetary interest in peolple using HCG. You are a guy using Youtube and HCG ascending popularity to sell a product at the expense of help to others from HCG use.

Matt: Our Bio-Psycho-Social approach has not been used frequently, if at all. Our HCG report is free. Our blog is free. Our book is not currently for sale. The intro and first chapter of the book will be made available free, to give an overview of the information contained in the book. People can hen decide to buy or not.
Please refrain from ad hominem attacks, I have not attacked you or anyone else personally.

Tradeeagle: You did engage in an insulting, condenscending answer on your blog to 1776 comments. You are a bully and your argument in answer to 1776 was incoherent and rambling. There isn’t the room for or time for any more of this. People will see this is all about you making money with an e book at some point. No argument from me that weight train is good for plenty but the idea that it is ever speedy is just crap. where is the double blind of your theory? No more please. CPS CET grow up.

Matt: I never once attacked 1776 as a person. I rebutted his/her arguments. I am not a bully. I have not once commented on any of the hundreds of videos that support HCG on youtube, because I was not invited to. I merely defended the ideas in my video.
I never said weight training was speedy, I said exercise helps target visceral fat and spares muscle, with references behind the statement. I’m truly sorry you’ve found my comments offensive but I won’t apologize for my stance on HCG. Take care.

Tradeeagle: I can’t resist. You say didn’t say it was speedy what the hell is the name of your blog? “SPEEDWeightLoss”. Make your comments that’s why there are comment areas. what you will get back is those hundreds of sincere people without a fimancial interest telling you there experience of fat loss. About the water loss with all weight loss. You are a scientist ? Every cell in the body requires some water in support and so when cells are gone or downsized that water, no longer necessary is eliminated.

I decided not to respond because the conversation was no longer progressing.  So, this is where it ended.  As members of the scientific community, we appreciate discussion because we know that questioning what we know is the only way we can learn more. We hope many people question the recommendations we make in our weight loss ebook, S.P.E.E.D.  For now, I hope you can learn something from this discussion.

I was accused of being a buly.  Am I a jerk?


Conversation about HCG: Am I a Jerk?
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