I just met with one of my health coaching clients. He meets with me about once a month and is seeing great results. He’s lost about 10 pounds (he doesn’t have much to lose) and he’s getting stronger in just about all areas.

This client is a single dad with three kids, works full-time, etc. Our sessions are quick 15 minute meetings where I throw as many recommendations as I can at him. I can’t check his food journal often and he doesn’t have a trainer. This guy is doing it on his own. This guy does work!

This post obviously isn’t about the scientific literature and it’s not about any specific technique. It’s about the fact that like my client, you can decide to make the simple changes that will take you to a new body composition.  You can put aside your excuses (work, kids, time) and get done what you need to. You can ‘Do Work.’

Do Work
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