A few weeks back we sent out a challenge to our blog readers and newsletter subscribers to send us more traffic.  They’ve answered the call, partially.  Our blog traffic has gone up considerably, so we’d like to bust one of the myths we promised.  This is really like getting a sneak peak at one of the most interesting sections of S.P.E.E.D.

Myth: I have to eat many small meals throughout the day to “boost my metabolism”.

Fact: Meal frequency has been shown to increase weight loss in some studies, due mostly to curbing hunger and helping the subjects adhere to the diet and not due to an increase in metabolic rate. (Smeet) However, research shows that when eating diets essentially identical in calories either through three or one meal(s)/day, the 1 meal per day group showed positive changes in body composition compared to the 3 meals/day group. (Stote) Metabolic rate has been shown to be no different between feeding patterns of 7 and 2 meals/day. (Verboeket-Van De Venne) Intermittent fasting (reduced meal frequency) with caloric restriction has been shown to have positive effects on life span and brain chemistry. (Mattson) So, there is no need to eat 6+ meals/day and it might just be more health promoting to eat less frequently, like 2-4 meals/day.

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Meal Frequency – Boosting Your Metabolism: busted as promised