Matt and I have been considering changing the subtitle of our book for nearly a year now. And, well, we have finally decided to do it, we just had another small run of books printed. The new subtitle is “A Complete How-To Manual for Quick & Permanent Fat Loss”. We think this describes the contents of the book well.

It was obvious to most people that our former subtitle was hyperbolic, as it is not likely the ONLY weight loss book worth reading. There are some other weight loss books out there that give excellent and well-supported information and recommendations for weight loss. However, to be honest, we really do think that our book it is probably the only weight loss book that has presented the Bio-Psycho-Social model of weight management and has combined the wide range of topics related to weight-management, in an evidenced-based manner. But, the main reason for our outlandish subtitle was due to marketing. We are new authors and were looking for some way to stand out in a sea of weight loss books, many of them not very good. We thought that an over-the-top subtitle might help to do that. Now that some time has passed we don’t think it has actually helped with sales, and maybe, because people took it literally, it may have reduced sales a bit. We are speculating and have no way of knowing if it has had a positive or negative effect. Additionally, even though our subtitle was clearly hyperbolic, we were very careful NOT to present hyperbolic information in the book. We think there is big difference between these two aspects of the book. Anyway, that leads us to today and our decision to change the subtitle of our book. We hope this clarifies our initial intentions and the reasons for the change.

New Subtitle for SPEED "A Complete How-To Manual for Quick & Permanent Fat Loss"
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