I received my two FREE Quest Bars, one of each flavor, a couple of days ago. I had heard about these bars over at Jimmy Moore’s site, http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/ a few months back. They sounded like they might be good, (i.e., taste good and have quality ingredients) and they were giving away two free bars (http://www.questproteinbar.com/free/jimmy.html?ref=jimmy), so I filled out the form and waited for my goodies.

I ate the bars over the past two days. The result, to put it simply; Well done! The bars tasted good, they had a good texture and they are made with quality ingredients. They do use some Sucralose as one of the sweeteners, but I am really not very concerned about ingesting small amounts of this artificial sweetener. However, I know for some purest it will be a thorn in their side. Also, for the strict Paleo crowd, the whey and milk proteins will be aversive. However, for a lot of people looking for something relatively healthy, quick and convenient and will easily fit into a low-carb diet, then this is definitely are bar that can work. The price point is okay, with the price per bar to be about $2.40 (based on the case price plus shipping). You can usually get more for your money if you get your nutrients from preparing your own food, but sometimes that is very difficult and a bar can really help fill the void. But, like most things, you pay a bit more for the convenience. Overall, when it comes to bars that have a good amount of quality protein, very low sugar, a high amount of fiber, and tastes good this one stands above the rest.

A Review of the Quest Bar
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